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Why should ECO Data Recovery be your ONLY choice?

 We offer Data Recovery ‘Firm’ Up-Front Prices for Laptop, PC, MAC, USB external disk drives. (Not to mention our Exceptional RAID Services). ECO has extensive experience working with mechanically failed hard drives, and have a 85% Success Ratio for all Laptop, MAC, PC and RAID Server hard drives.


Emergency Data Recovery Service Available call:

 561-691-0019 or 800-339-3412

In most cases you have ONE chance to recovery your data 

Trust the professionals at ECO Data Recovery!



20+ Years Experience in Hard Drive Recovery


With over 20 years experience in hard drive recovery we are qualified to offer data recovery for all types of data loss. Data loss can be caused by mechanically failed, clicking hard drives, power surges & outages, lightning strikes, fires, floods, viruses and/or just about anything that you can imagine that could happen to a hard drive.

ECO Data Recovery capabilities  include PC, Mac and Laptop hard drives. Our  technicians also recover data from  USB External hard drives, RAID Servers, SAN’s and NAS’s. All processes and procedures, including invasive level work performed here are non-destructive. We clone each drive sector by sector and work off the clone, not your hard drive. These steps are key in a Hard Drive Recovery.


IMPORTANT: If you hear any noises coming from your hard drive, SHUT down your computer ASAP!



 Data Recovery Prices from $275.


ECO Data Recovery offers Flat-Rate Prices for hard drive recovery of PC, MAC, Servers and RAID hard drives. Unlike our competitors, we will disclose full pricing up front prior to sending drive in for data recovery. As we have said over and over again; “It’s bad enough that you need Hard Drive Data Recovery. You at least, should know the TOTAL COST UP FRONT with no surprises after you send in your hard drive”.


Media Types Supported :



  • SATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI  and SAS hard drives
    (PC, MAC, Server, and Notebook)
  • Desktop, Laptop & RAID Servers
  • External, Portable USB Hard Drives
  • DVD
  • CDR-W
  • Flash Media (Digital Camera Cards)
  •  Micro drives


Operating Systems Supported:


  • Windows Small business servers
  • WINDOWS 10/ 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95.
  • Mac OSX
  • UNIXWARE Novell / SCO


     Emergency Data Recovery Service Available call:

 561-691-0019 or 800-339-3412