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Miami Hard Drive Data Recovery 


20 Years Experience in Hard Drive Data Recovery

Florida-Image.jpgWith over 20 years experience, Miami Hard Drive Data Recovery is qualified to offer  Data Recovery Services for all data loss situations.  Examples: power surges, outages, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, other natural disasters, viruses, equipment malfunctions, accidents, & user error.





Doctor of Hard Drives

Any Unusual Sounds?

Any unusual sounds from your hard drive? Such as clicking or grinding, generally indicates that the hard drive is on the verge of a severe mechanical failure, or hard drive crash’. Once a drive has suffered from mechanical failure, the hard drive recovery will need to be performed via advanced invasive level data recovery techniques.

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ECO Data Recovery specializes in hard disk drive data recovery from drives that will not spin, clicking or have simply failed due to old age.


Hard Drive Recovery Prices $275.00 Up



ECO Data Recovery specializes in Flat-Rate Firm Prices Up Front for Data Recovery Services! Prices start at $275.00 including  Flash Media, PC, MAC, Laptop and RAID Server hard Drives. Unlike some of our competitors, we will disclose full pricing up front prior to you sending in your drive for Data Recovery.

As we have said over and over again:

 “It’s bad enough that you need Data Recovery. You at least, should know the TOTAL COST UP FRONT with no surprises after you send your hard drive for Hard Drive Data Recovery”.


Hard Drive Data Recovery Failure Symptoms?


In numerous cases, crashed hard drives can click, tick, become noisy or even stop spinning. This may require a complete disassembly, repair and rebuild in order to facilitate a successful hard drive recovery. The data recovery process requires skill and expertise. Extensive experience and a complete understanding of the mechanics and functions of the latest larger capacity hard drives and older legacy hard disk drives.


Signs that your Drive has Crashed

(Or could soon crash!)


  • Hard Drive is running unusually slow.
  • Computer will not boot.
  • Computer will frequently reboot itself.caution-150-150.jpg
  • Files Disappearing.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Failure (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology).
  • Computer is operating extremely slow.
  • Error Message “Operating System Not Found”.
  • Error Messages such as: “Windows Could not start because…”.
  • Error Message “Drive is not Formatted”.
  • Error Message “Primary Drive or Device Not Found”.
  • Mac Computers may also display a “Flashing Question Mark” or hang on “Spinning Beach Ball”.


 If your hard drive is making any unusual noises, shut down computer immediately.


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ECO Data Recovery providing professional Miami Hard Drive Data Recovery for businesses and home users since 1995.