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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services by ECO Data Recovery offer a commitment to quality data recovery that has been one of our goals since our inception. We understand that no matter what the size of the job every dollar counts. This is why we treat our customers with the same respect, service and value that we would expect if we were shopping for hard drive data recovery services. We explain the entire process including our affordable pricing  prior to you sending your drive for Data Recovery Services.

We often say: “It’s bad enough that your hard drive has crashed and that you need data recovery.”
“We understand that you need your data, however you don’t need any surprises when it comes to pricing.”

With ECO Data Recovery, you’ll know exactly what to expect during the process of our Hard Drive Data Recovery Services. You’ll know the exact price and when you can expect your files back to you. Our standard service has an average of 4-8 business day turnaround.

IMPORTANT: If you hear any noises coming from your hard drive, SHUT down your computer ASAP!

RAID Data Recovery | ECO Data Recovery

” You may only have ONE chance to recover your RAID Data “

Trust the professionals at ECO Data Recovery!



RAID Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery offers “firm” Up-front prices for all RAID versions. Whether it be a RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 10, we have the highest success ratios in the data recovery Services Recovering data from a RAID server can be one of the most optimistic scenarios for data recovery, even when one hard drive has suffered from mechanical failure.

If you do find yourself with a failed RAID 1,  5 or 10 array, ECO Data Recovery can restore or recover your RAID, SAN, NAS, Snap Server. We have multiple, high capacity servers to tackle the larger RAID’S.


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Emergency RAID Data Recovery Available

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ECO Data Recovery offers Firm Up-Front prices for all RAID Servers, desktop, MAC, laptop & portable USB hard drives.

Hard drives can suffer from physical, mechanical hard drive crashes, operating system failure, viruses, or file system corruption. Any one of these instances could easily result in the inability to access your files.

ECO Data Recovery has extensive knowledge with all major hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba etc.

With our extensive over 21 year experience being firmly based in hard drive repair and hard drive recovery, we are  over qualified to perform professional, invasive level, data recovery on all types of hard drives including RAID Servers.

Whatever you need to have recovered, whether it be priceless photographs, spreadsheets, email, your company accounting database, or anything that can be stored onto a hard drive that just cannot be replaced. We recover it all!



ECO Data Recovery HIPAA Compliant

Utilizing custom software and hardware solutions for RAID servers, ECO Data Recovery is the ONLY choice for your vital data. Don’t be fooled by companies that offer on-site or worse, remote recovery options.

Before any utilities are run against a RAID, all of the disks must be cloned sector by sector. (This is providing that all of the hard drives in the RAID array are in good working condition.) Anything less is possibly an irreparable accident waiting to happen. Just one foul up and ALL of your data can be lost. We have recovered RAID’s that have been at many of our competitors labs without success!

RAID technology is using numerous disks to imitate the functionality of single disk. This is usually done to increase the security and redundancy of data, the rate of read/write performance, or a mixture of both. RAID data recovery rectifies both physical and logical damages that may have been caused to disks, making it difficult for users to access and read data.


Below are important procedures taken at Eco Data Recovery to help resolve your raid data recovery:

1. Non-destructive procedures are only used meaning that we never take chances in causing the hard drive to be damaged in the process of data recovery.

2. We provide several options on how to resolve the problem. We will be very honest in giving you the advantages and disadvantages of each option. For example, if you need to get your files very quickly, this may cost you more because we would need to use additional resources for this.


3. How is your data returned? We will send your data on a Hard Drive, CD or Flash Media. The most common is to send your data in a brand new hard drive that is internal or external. Remember to ask us about this so you so there are no issues.


4. We are very transparent about achievement rates. Be careful about any other business telling you that their company has a rate of more than 80{d89be9c89bcd92b1fea981771782e5616b15a30bac3bdf349c7c90891d578dd9} in recovering the files that you lost. Success rates change depending on the situation or state of the hard drive.


5. ECO have experience in working with various operating systems. This includes Windows, MAC from desktops, laptops and portable USB drives.


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What is RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)?

RAID Data Recovery  RAID 0:
RAID data recovery box photo

All the disk devices are organized alternatively so that blocks are taken equally from all disks alternatively, in order to reach higher efficiency.

Since the probability of finding a block of a file is identical for all disks, there are force to work simultaneously thus making the performance of the Meta disk almost 10 times that of a single disk.

Raid Data Recovery  RAID 1:

In this mode, the goal is to reach the highest security of the data. Blocks of data are duplicated in all physical disks (each block of the virtual disk has a duplicate in each of the physical disks). This configuration provides 10 times the reading performance of a single device, but it degrades writing operations. Read operations can be organized to read 10 blocks simultaneously, one from each device at a time. Similarly when writing 1 block it has to be duplicated 10 times, one for each physical device. There is no advantage in this configuration regarding storage capacity.


RAID Data Recovery  RAID 4:

In this mode the ultimate goal is to balance the advantages of the type RAID 0 and RAID 1. Data is organized mixing both methods. The physical 1 to N-1 are organized in striping mode (RAID 0) and the Nth stores the parity of the individual bits corresponding to blocks 1 to N-1. If any of the disks fails, it is possible to recover by using the parity information on the Nth hard disk.

Efficiency during read operations is N-1 and during write operations is 1/2 (because writing a data block now involves writing also to the parity disk). In order to restore a broken hard disk, one only has to re-read the information and re-write it (it reads from the parity disk but it writes to the newly install hard disk).


RAID Data Recovery  RAID 5:

This type is similar to RAID 4, except that now the information of the parity disk is spread over all the hard disks (no parity disk exists). It allows reducing the work load of the parity disk, that in RAID 4 it had to be accessed for every write operation (now the disk where parity information for a track is stored differs for every track)


RAID Data Recovery RAID 10 (0+1):

RAID 0+1: striped sets in a mirrored set (minimum four disks; even number of disks) provides fault tolerance and improved performance but increases complexity. The key difference between a RAID 1 + 0, is that RAID 0 + 1 creates a second striped set to mirror a primary striped set. The array continues to operate with one or more drives failed in the same mirror set, but if drives fail on both sides of the mirror the data on the RAID system is lost.

Caution:  Never Re-initialize your RAID array!



A RAID system used as a main drive is not a replacement for backing up data. Data could become damaged or destroyed without harm to the drive(s) on which they are stored. For example, some of the data may be overwritten by a system malfunction; a file may be damaged or deleted by user error or malice and not noticed for days or weeks.

RAID can also be overwhelmed by catastrophic failure that exceeds its recovery capacity and, of course, the entire array is at risk of physical damage by fire, natural disaster, or human forces. RAID is also vulnerable to controller failure since it is not always possible to migrate a RAID to a new controller without data loss.

RAID drives can make excellent backup drives, when employed as backup devices to main storage, and particularly when located offsite from the main systems. However, the use of RAID as the main storage solution cannot replace backups. This can lead to needing RAID Data Recovery.



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RAID technology is using numerous disks to imitate the functionality of single disk. This is usually done to increase the security and redundancy of data, the rate of read/write performance, or a mixture of both. RAID data recovery rectifies both physical and logical damages that may have been caused to disks, making it difficult for users to access and read data.

If you had to execute RAID data recovery, you would surely value that this isn’t something that can be done by your usual maintenance technician or by yourself. And if it did happen, you would not have appreciated the encounter. When this happens, it indicates that at least one of the drives has failed, and it included crucial data that you need to get back or an emergency data that you need somehow. You can’t take a chance in this scenario. You must turn to a professional RAID data recovery service. Experienced RAID data recovery experts will know what has to be done to get back your essential data quickly.


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ECO Data Recovery providing professional Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.

Forensic Hard Drive Investigations

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Computer Forensic Investigations 


Hard Drive Investigation or Computer Forensics is the collection, preservation, analysis, evidence and presentation of computer-related (Including online, web browsing activities). Computer evidence can be useful in criminal cases, civil litigation, and human resource and employment proceedings.

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More information is retained in a computer than people realize. It’s also difficult to completely remove information than is generally thought. For these reasons, as well as others, computer forensic examinations can typically recover lost or deleted information (or at a minimum, find evidence of the information) even when it has been intentionally deleted.


ECO Data Recovery Forensic examinations of a computer hard drive go far beyond normal recovery techniques, probing areas and files on the media not normally accessed by untrained personnel. These examinations can locate whatever data a business, agency, or individual needs.


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Who needs Forensic Investigations?


 ECO Data Recovery Forensic Hard Drive Investigations have assisted law enforcement agencies, law firms, private investigators, government agencies, and human resources departments and private individuals throughout the country. In this day and age, corporate sabotage and communications, infidelity, pornography, and numerous other situations in which a forensic investigation is required happen more often than ever.



Here is a brief list of what is possible to recover:



  • Recovery of deleted hard drive files
  • Data recovery even after a hard drive has been reformatted or re-partitioned
  • Damaged and encrypted hard drives can be recovered (with key)
  • discovery of web sites that have been visited
  • Discovery of what files have been downloaded
  • Discovery of when files were last accessed
  • Discovery of faxes sent or received on a computer
  • Discovery of email messages and attachments even if previously deleted
  • Recovery of financial records and other documents


We recover and preserve data forensically from most media types and operating systems.



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ECO Data Recovery providing professional Forensic Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.

Emergency Data Recovery Services

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Emergency Data Recovery Service



ECO Data Recovery offers very affordable Flat-Rate Pricing for standard Data Recovery Service, as well as Emergency Data Recovery Services.

Many times the loss of critical data can be devastating to you or your business. With most companies down-time means lost revenue. In these times lost revenue is simply not an option. In many cases, people will ask “But can I afford data recovery?” With Emergency Data Recovery Services by ECO Data Recovery you can!

We pride ourselves on providing professional service, with an emphasis on quality and customer service. If you happen to find yourself in a time sensitive situation and MUST have your data ASAP, our expedited service is for you.

With our emergency Hard Drive data recovery services, we will start your hard drive recovery immediately upon arrival of your hard drive.



Emergency Data Recovery Service Available


Call 561-691-0019 / 1-800-339-3412

For Immediate Help!


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 In most cases there’s ONE chance to recover your data… 

Trust the professionals at ECO Data Recovery!



Damaged Hard Drive Recovery


When time is critical, you can count on Emergency Data Recovery Services by ECO Data Recovery. ECO will pull through for you in your time of need and get your data back. ECO Data Recovery will get your business back up and running as soon as possible. (We have actually had mechanically failed hard drives delivered to our lab in the morning, and shipped out successfully recovered the very same day).


ECO Data Recovery offers an extremely reasonable Expedited Emergency Data Recovery Services for TIME SENSITIVE SITUATIONS.


Data Recovery Tech Bench

With our expedited service, we will begin your hard drive recovery immediately upon arrival. Your hard drive will completely bypass the lab queue and go directly to an engineer’s bench.

Turn around time for Emergency Data Recovery  averages 1 to 4 business days for single hard drives. Our standard service generally averages 4 to 8 business days and is basically a ‘first in, first out’ lab queue.



Request an Online Quote:

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  A Recovery Consultant can be reached after hours by telephone at the following numbers:


(After Hours Phones Live up to 9:00pm EST).


If  assistance needed after 9:00pm EST please use our ONLINE QUOTE FORM and be sure to mark YES in the“Emergency Service” field and your quote will be our first priority.

ECO Data Recovery providing professional Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.

Quickbooks File Recovery – Call / email Immediate Quote!
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Quickbooks File Recovery



Quickbooks File Recovery by Eco Data Recovery is a complete computer data recovery service that provides file recovery and retrieval as well as hard drive recovery services.
With over 20 years experience in hard drive repair and recovery, we are qualified to offer file recovery services for any type of data loss Including accidental file deletion. If you have accidentally deleted a file that you wish to have recovered, we suggest that you shutdown your computer immediately. More often than not, the deleted file is actually still on the hard drive. However, continued usage of the computer can ‘overwrite’ the deleted file,making recovery difficult and in some cases impossible.





800-339-3412 / 561-691-019

Quick Books Database File Recovery



QuickBooks file recovery is one of our most popular services. Many, many times we hear: “I only need my Quick Books file!” Generally a Quick books File can be relatively small in capacity. However, that certainly does not diminish the importance of this extremely critical data for a small business. The loss of a Quick Books file can turn a business from “Open for Business” to “Out of Business”, very quickly.

In some cases, the user will not even know the Quickbooks File Extension. Whether it be a QBW, QBB, QBF or any other Quick Books Database File Recovery, ECO Data Recovery can help recover your Quick Books File!







800-339-3412 / 561-691-019

ECO Data Recovery providing professional Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.-


Hard Drive Repair


  Hard Drive Repair – Data Recovery Service






Doctor of Hard Drives


Hard Drive Repair by ECO Data Recovery is often required prior to recovering any data from a hard drive. Although this repair is a very temporary one, it is extremely critical that the ‘repair’ is performed by a skilled and most of all, experienced technician. Improper hard drive repair techniques can severely hinder chances of a successful data recovery. (Possibly making data recovery difficult at best, or in some cases, even impossible).


In a majority of hard drive crashes, you may only have one chance for a successful recovery of your files.


Turn your computer off immediately if there is *any* unusual noises from your computer to prevent further damage!

For Immediate Quote call 800-339-3412 or 561-691-0019

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Hard Drive Failure Symptoms



Hard drive failures can be caused by a variety of reasons. The electronics can develop electrical shorts due to surges or spikes. The heads inside of the drive can fail to read data. Further, sometimes the hard drive will not even spin up at all. Or the hard drive will emit unusual sounds such as clicking, grinding, scraping etc.

We receive telephone calls and web searches daily looking for “hard drive repair”. However, hard drive repair is a temporary fix. It is a most critical element of the actual work involved in recovering data, and must be done properly. Under no circumstances would we, or any other quality data recovery service, advise attempting any type of D.I.Y. hard drive repair. This can render further hard drive recovery attempts futile. Over the years we have seen a vast amount of drives that had tampered with or opened to arriving. If left alone, in the ‘as failed’ state,chances for recovery are immeasurably higher.prior to arriving. If left alone, in the ‘as failed’ state,chances for recovery are immeasurably higher.

In other words, a clicking or noisy hard drive requires a clean-room environment and a data recovery lab that has the experience and capabilities of ‘repairing’ or rebuilding hard disk drives.



We cannot stress enough to never, under any circumstances, attempt open the sealed cover of your  hard drive.


20 Years Experience in Hard Drive Repair Data Recovery

With over 20 years experience in hard drive repair, we are qualified to offer hard drive data recovery services. While we do repair hard drives, it is with the single goal of a successful recovery of your data. We would never recommend reusing a hard drive that has been to a data recovery service for file recovery.



Call 800-339-3412 or 561-691-0019  to speak with a consultant now!



The role of a hard drive is to store of all the data on your computer or laptop, but when the hard drive crashes, it is essential to know about the usage and steps required for a hard drive repair/recovery. First off, you must be aware of which devices use a hard drive, why the drive fails, and the requirements used for the repair.


Many different devices carry a flash memory or a hard drive. Computers, laptops, iPhones, network drives, and camcorders all use some traditional drive or flash memory. When it comes down to large businesses, they tend to use servers. Servers can have one or multiple drives like raid arrays. Some companies sometimes also just use the basic drives of laptops and desktop computers whether it is a PC or Mac.

Flash drives are different from regular hard drives even when it comes to price. For example, devices that use a flash drive include digital cameras and camcorders. The fundamental concept of operation is the same and flash technology is growing which is is why flash drives are seemingly more expensive. Fortunately, as the supply increases over time, prices will decrease.



It is important to be informed on why the drive fails in the first place. There are several ways a hard drive can fail whether it occurs electrically, physically or internally. An electrical surge is the largest enemy of hard drives. An electric surge can damage components or parts of a hard drive or it can corrupt its firmware that controls flash storage operation.

The same will occur to a standard hard drive that has a software chip responsible for running platters and reading/writing heads. Physical damage is a close runner up to electrical surges. It is responsible for portable and laptop drive failures and wear and tear. Because traditional drives use moving parts, the drive surface or heads become weak and start showing signs and symptoms of defect over time. When these issues occur it is time for a hard disk repair.

In the case of flash drives, wear and tear play the same role but in a different style. Flash drives have certain usage counts which mean the more the drive is re-written, the more decrease in its life occurs and one day will it can fail abruptly. Lastly, manufacturing defects can be a common issue with material quality and software playing a role in this kind of failure.


It is also important to know what is involved in hard drive surgery. Donor drives, surrounding environment and costs can determine the steps taken after a hard drive failure. Hard drive repair is necessary when a storage device fails and the procedures for the regular and flash media differentiate. Regular drives have moving heads and surfaces, and a donor drive is needed for repair. The donor drive must be very closely matched to the patient’s drive.

The requirements for donor drive is very strict. The donor drive must be the same as a patient drive which cannot be found in hard drive stores. The repair usually involves head replacement, motor replacement or moving platters to another drive. The head transplant requires extensive experience and perfection.


A slight mistake can destroy the data permanently. Another important aspect is the environment in which the procedure is taking place. There must be the availability of a clean room environment. Any unused space will destroy the thin layer between the head and surface and cause damage. Overall, knowing about hard drives and their repair process can both prevent and recover the data that could be lost in the future.

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ECO Data Recovery providing professional Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.

From individuals to state governments, we have helped thousands of customers.  Here are just a few:

Bayer Corporation
Bridgestone / Firestone Inc.
General Electric
Citizens Bank
Citibank N.A.
Master Card

U.S. Courts City of Gainesville
City of Milwaukee
U.S Embassy of Vietnam
Federal Aviation Admin.
Kennedy Space Center
State of Michigan
U.S. Air Force – Altus AFB

Is Your Device Having Problems?

  • Hard Drive is running unusually slow.
  • Computer will not boot.
  • Computer will frequently reboot itself.
  • Files Disappearing.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Failure (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology).
  • Computer is operating extremely slow.
  • Error Messages:
  • “Operating System Not Found”.
  •  “Windows Could not start because…”.
  • “Drive is not Formatted”.
  •  “Primary Drive or Device Not Found”.
  • Mac Computers may also display a “Flashing     Question Mark” or hang on “Spinning Beach Ball”.
Any unusual sounds from your hard drive?  Clicking or grinding generally indicates that the hard drive is on the verge of a severe mechanical failure, or ‘hard drive crash’. Once a drive has suffered from mechanical failure, the hard drive recovery will need to be performed via advanced invasive level data recovery techniques.

IMPORTANT: If your hard drive is making any unusual noises shut down your computer immediately.

The first step is to immediately stop using the hard drive. Turn your computer off  to prevent any further damage. The less you try to use it, the better chance that we will be able to get all of your files back to you in working condition.  Your best chance of getting your important files back is with ECO Data Recovery. We know what to do, how to do to it and will always do it using the latest technology in a safe and professional way. We will try much harder, spend more time and put in more effort than anybody else to ensure the best possible result.

ECO Data Recovery providing professional Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.