The Data Recovery Services business has “white and black hat” (good and bad) companies. This is true of all types of service companies. We have quality Data Recovery companies that overcharge as well as unqualified companies that undercharge. The majority of companies use this tactic when you are most vulnerable having lost your data and have never experienced the need for data recovery service. There are very few Data Recovery companies that will give you the quality service at reasonable prices with a “firm price up front” before you send your drive for Data Recovery Service.

The majority of companies charge you according to size of hard drive (500GB, 1TB Etc.) and the operating system. RAID Data Recovery Servers are charged by the size of the RAID and number of hard drives in the RAID. Many companies will ask you what files you need Data Recovery. “White hat” companies will ask you this because they have different pricing structure for personal data and business data. “Black hat” companies will ask you this to see how bad you need your data recovered and charge you accordingly.

The usual way quality labs charge is by giving you a large range of potential cost for Hard Drive Recovery. It is not uncommon to have someone on the phone give you a range from $500 to $3,000. Ask yourself a question. Would you send your automobile into service giving approval to charge you anywhere from $500 to $2,000? Of course not! It would be very unsettling or as I like to say…taking advantage of the situation when you are most vulnerable.

ECO Data Recovery gives you a firm upfront Flat-Rate cost of Hard Drive Data Recovery. Our business plan has not changed in the 20 years we have been in the Data Recovery business. In fact in 2014 they added Flat-Rate pricing for RAID Data Recovery.

Don’t be fooled by Data Recovery Companies that attempt to justify their astronomical prices. They will tell you they work for many Fortune 500 companies. Or have a 100% success rate. The conversation could include they have a Class 100 Cleanroom. It’s debatable if a cleanroom is a must when you are not repairing the hard drive or selling it with warranty. Working in a portable cleanroom is adequate to ensure the recovery of your data. In today’s computer world all drives are throwaway.

That being said, all drives are not recoverable. However, your best chance with the recovery of your data is with a quality company that has a proven record of recovering data. ECO Data Recovery ( is the best of both worlds. Giving you a value pricing structure with unsurpassed customer service.