Losing data in your computer without a backup is just like a nightmare to many as most people have their important files, photos or documents stored in their system. This is the reason computer technicians do advise everyone to have a good backup of their data. This data loss happens due to sudden failure of the hard drives which can be either due to manual error or any hardware or software problem in the system.

For those who experience computer crashes from a failed hard disk, it may seem that data recovery from the hard drive is a far off possibility. It’s frustrating even to think about this because such an event would mean the loss of hundreds of files and documents, whether personal or work-related. The truth is, it’s not the end of the world because there are still ways to retrieve your data; the lesser the damage to your drive, the greater the chances of recovery. Still, there are things that you should avoid doing when this happens to you.

The first thing to avoid is attempting to repair a drive yourself. Never open the sealed casing of the hard drive. Exposure to any particulates will only make the drive even worse. And even if you do manage to repair the damaged piece, the drive will crash immediately due to the particulates in the air it was exposed to. Don’t try any home remedies either. Tricks such as freezing your hard drive will not fix your problem and will likely only make things worse. Keep a level head, don’t get angry and take the proper steps.

Though some logic faults can cause failure, a hard disk drive should still be able to read BIOS.

In light of this, a failed hard disk drive should be able to be repaired. By being able to read BIOS, your drive may be recognizable. However, it does not mean the damaged hard drive data recovery is fine. A computer may be able to be booted up, but it does not mean that a hard disk drive or computer is fine after having unrepaired logical errors.

Another factor that causes logical errors is fatigue. Fatigue can happen when trying to record information on a drive over time. The magnetic impressions that a drive reads to convert ones to zeros and produce data can be worn or not clearly read by a drive that is failing. Over time, the magnetic plating can corrode. This corrosion may cause the magnetic heads that read and write data able to read what is on a logic drive. A professional may need to extract data and do external hard drive data recovery if this happens.

Without special equipment, it is impossible to retrieve information off a hard drive which is not running. Have you ever thought about using Raid hardware instead of buying Raid software? Have you ever had a professional who saved the data off your hard drive quickly before it completely failed? At Eco Data Recovery, we offer our years of experience in many other data recovery services so that your documents stored on Raid arrays and your sensitive data, and more is safe. We can help you recover lost data from internal and external hard disk drives. Contact us today for a consultation.