This article will be an excellent guide for individuals and businesses prior to committing your failed hard drive to a data recovery company. I will cover the questions that should be asked to help you make the correct decision of where to send your hard drive for Data Recovery Service.

Losing your data can create a panic attack and put you in a frenzied search for a data recovery service company. You will find companies charging anywhere from $300 to $3000. This adds to your anxiety about losing your data.

Data Recovery ServicesThe data recovery business has many reputable companies and many with very dishonest business practices. Here are a few of the most common dishonest practices:

• One of the most common dishonest companies uses bait and switch tactics. They advertise a ‘low ball’ cost and along the process of recovering your data will call and say it is going to be more difficult than expected. They raise your price, and if you don’t bite and give them an ok for a higher cost, they will render your drive unrecoverable by any other company. More than likely the same company has invested in very limited tools used by quality companies. The investment can be anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 in hardware and software tools.

• Many computer service companies will attempt to recovery data themselves. If not successful, they are set up as a drop off point for a data recovery company 2000 miles away. An unqualified company can render additional damage to your hard drive making the drive unrecoverable by a quality data recovery company. A quality data recovery company best chance for successful recovery is to receive your drive in the ’as failed’ condition.

• The cost of data recovery is most confusing. You will find companies underpriced and overpriced. You will find one company will quote you a low price and then nickel and dine along the process of recovering your data. Another company will add cost for parts drive needed for recovery.

• The concept of ‘no data no charge’ needs to be addressed. You will find many companies that offer it. However, this is a smoke screen! Companies that offer ‘no data no charge’ will give you an overpriced quote for data recovery service. ECO Data Recovery for 22 years has maintained the same business plan. We do have an evaluation fee which is included in your successful data recovery. The difference is we cover our cost of parts on all jobs successful or not. It is included in our reasonable quote. You will never pay a penny more than the quote you receive! In an earlier blog, I mentioned it is good business practice to cancel out the cheapest quote and the highest (business 101).

Buyer be where…Remember this important point. Sending your drive to the ’cheapest’ company with the least experience will add problems to your drive and could make your hard drive unrecoverable by ECO Data Recovery.