ECO Data Recovery started more than twenty years ago and has since been delivering consistent quality and service in the field of data recovery. We offer the full umbrella of service for our esteemed customers ranging from data recovery services, hard drive repair, forensic hard drive investigations, RAID data recovery, QuickBooks file recovery, etc.

The business of data retrieval service is very delicate and very few services are capable doing the job perfectly. For us, retrieving data for normal issues is quite routine, however, we have the specialization to even handle complex cases. We have an extremely sophisticated hardware, technologically superior software and two decades of experience to solve almost each of your data retrieval needs.

Our service team is trained and experience in working on hard drives from almost all big players such WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. We will recover all your precious data such as spreadsheets, accounting database, photographs, email, etc.

Profile of Clients and history:
Eco Data Recovery boasts an impressive client list which testifies our high quality and professional services. We cater to customers from a wide spectrum of profiles such the Government, Educational institutions, medical centers, etc. In fact, we assist to solve problems on a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Reasons for data loss:
There are a number of reasons why data loss does take place in the MAC, PC, laptops, portable USB hard drives, Flash, and RAID Servers. At times it is due to stalling of the drive while reading. This occurs especially if some sectors on the hard drive have gone bad due to viruses or power.

At times, data cannot be retrieved even due to the failure of the operating system, corruption of the system file, physical or mechanical failure, etc. In any such circumstances, your files will be unable to be accessed.

When you assign your work to us, you can be absolutely sure that your work is in the right hands. We will try our absolute best to sort out all your hard drive and data related issues. You can sleep with complete peace of mind.

Our service features:
We have the clean room standards of the highest order and possess the most stringent security protocols and best service practices to ensure that your data and confidentiality remains safe.

We do not make tall and unsubstantiated claims for data retrieval. We believe in serving you as quickly as possible at the most reasonable charges. We have a higher success ratio due to our technological superiority and two decades of experience in handling virtually all kinds of jobs. Our efficient and knowledgeable customer service team ensure quick solutions to all your queries. We maintain a good quantity of spare parts at any given time for quicker delivery which adds to your convenience.

The unique feature of our service is that we give full disclosure regarding the pricing of the services well in advance. We have a Flat-Rate price structure. We have kept our pricing very reasonable and fair and there are absolutely no hidden costs. We shall have a service agreement with you in black and white so that you are well informed about the costs of data retrieval as soon as the files are recovered.

Just come to us with your data retrieval issue. We have a marvelous track record to solve your problem. We will be totally transparent regarding costs and the delivery time. We guarantee you a total peace of mind. Just leave your worries to us.