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ECO Data Recovery Guarantee



At ECO Data Recovery Guarantee we pride ourselves in being fair, upfront and cost-effective solution to our clients’ data recovery needs. We stand behind our word as well as our services. That’s why we make a simple guarantee to anyone doing business with us.

When we successfully recover your data, you get your data files back just as they were prior to hard drive recovery. Unfortunately some of our competitors will consider corrupt unusable data a successful recovery. (After all, some data was recovered…).

At ECO Data Recovery we will spot test your files to ensure that they are functional and will come back to you in good working condition. For instance an Excel file will open with Excel, a Word document will open with Word, and your Outlook file can easily be imported back into Outlook to retain all your contacts and correspondence.


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ECO Data Recovery Guarantees:




  • Flat-Rate Prices for Data Recovery on all Hard Drives Including RAID Servers.
  • We guarantee No Extra Charge For Parts.
  • Live Client Support.
  • We Guarantee an Unparalleled Data Recovery Experience.


ECO Guarantees Flat Rate Firm Prices Up-Front
From $275.00 



We expect clients to shop around for the best service for the price. While looking at others, be on the lookout for hidden fees for parts or cleanroom work, astronomical pricing for same day data recovery service, exaggerated disk recovery success rates and prices 30{d89be9c89bcd92b1fea981771782e5616b15a30bac3bdf349c7c90891d578dd9} to 75{d89be9c89bcd92b1fea981771782e5616b15a30bac3bdf349c7c90891d578dd9} higher than ECO Data Recovery. 

ECO Data Recovery has a 95{d89be9c89bcd92b1fea981771782e5616b15a30bac3bdf349c7c90891d578dd9} client retention rate is due to the fact that we guarantee our recovered data. We take the  confidentiality of our clients’ data seriously and deliver recovered client data in a timely fashion. We also have an open line of communication between the engineer and the client throughout the recovery process.dollar-sign.jpg

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ECO Data Recovery providing professional Data Recovery Services for business and home users since 1995.