How To Recover Data From Raid 1 -

It is possible to recover the lost data from Raid 1. You lose the data in Raid 1 in three conditions, due to the Raid 1 drive failure, due to the human error, and due to the hard drive damage. If it is lost due to the Raid 1 failure and human error, you can get back all the lost data. But if it is due to the hard drive physical damage, then you might not be able to recover the data from Raid 1.

Do you want to know how to recover the lost data from Raid 1? In this article, you will get the step by step instruction of data recovery with some other important information. The best way to recover data from raid 1 is the use of the software.

Data Recovery with data recovery software:
When you lose the data due to the human error and Raid 1 failure, you can use special software for the data recovery. This program can be used for all the windows for the successful recovery. It offers easy ways to recover all lost files including the videos, images, and music from the hard drives like Samsung, Kingston, Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, and any other that was used to make the raid array. The best thing about this software is that it does not modify any information and does not cause any damage to raid 1 array. It is easy to install as well. You can try it without any experience.

Step by step instructions:
You just need to follow three steps to recover the lost data from Raid 1 with the help of the data recovery software.

To start with it, you will have to first download the data recovery software. Once it is downloaded successfully, you will have to install it on the windows of your computer. While installing the software, make sure that you are not installing it to the drive where the data is lost. After the installation, you can run the data recovery software. You will have to go through the following three steps to recover the lost data from the raid array.

First, you need to select the right scan mode to recover the files from Raid 1 array.

Now you need to choose the Raid 1 drive where you have lost your data and then data recovery software will scan the files to get the lost data.

Once it is done, you will have to preview the found files after the scanning to save your lost data to another file.

By following these simple steps, you can recover all the lost data caused by the human error and hard drive failure. You might find other recovery software for to recover data from Raid 1. But you need to understand the processes and steps before trying any of them. Any mistake will only complicate the situation or can cause more harm to your drive.

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