In a few cases, you have the opportunity to back up your hard drive data prior to a hard drive imminent failure. Understanding these indications will save you the loss of personal data such as photos that are not replaceable. Also, it could lead to loss of business data leading to business failure. I will cover a few indications of a hard drive near-death experience in the article.


One indication is a computer application taking extra time to load. The first thing I would do it power off your computer for 10 seconds. There is a chance that the problem is not your hard drive. The process of restarting your computer can clean up many different problems including speed or an application not working properly.

 On the other hand, the hard drive could have physical problems. If this is the case you may need a reputable Data Recovery Service like ECO Data Recovery . Solid State Drives (SSD) have no moving parts. Therefore, the failure rate is much lower than standard rotational hard drives. However, SSD can have circuit or firmware failure Needing Hard Drive Recovery.

Another indication of a hard drive failure is unusual sounds coming from your hard disk drive. It could be your hard drive sounds become louder. It might be the motor bearings from your drive. It also can be your computer restarts itself or locks up on an application. One other is your fan in the computer stops working causing the hard drive to overheat. Overheating of the computer will definitely cause your hard disk drive to fail.

If you hear any intermittent clicking there is a good chance the internal read/write head is failing. The sealed part of hard drive ( HDA ) rotates the media anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 rpms. The drive can have anywhere from one to six platters of media. It works something like a record player with the needle being the read/write head on the computer. The head floats over the media created by the wind from the rotating media.

Another problem is what the human does upon failure of the hard drive. The possibility of recovery of your data deteriorates every time the computer is turned on and off. Many times our clients use us as a last resort after sending the drive to a local technician who does not have the tools to correctly diagnose the problem except that the drive does not work.


Send it to the professionals to ensure you have the best chance of recovering your data. ECO Data Recovery offers Flat-Rate pricing for all PC, MAC, Laptops and RAID Server Hard Drives (Very few companies offer you a firm price Up-front before you send in your hard drive for data recovery). With over 21 years of experience in Hard Drive Data Recovery, ECO Data Recovery is your logical choice for your hard disk recovery.

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