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Hard Drive Repair by ECO Data Recovery is often required prior to recovering any data from a hard drive. Although this repair is a very temporary one, it is extremely critical that the ‘repair’ is performed by a skilled and most of all, experienced technician. Improper hard drive repair techniques can severely hinder chances of a successful data recovery. (Possibly making data recovery difficult at best, or in some cases, even impossible).


In a majority of hard drive crashes, you may only have one chance for a successful recovery of your files.


Turn your computer off immediately if there is *any* unusual noises from your computer to prevent further damage!

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Hard Drive Failure Symptoms



Hard drive failures can be caused by a variety of reasons. The electronics can develop electrical shorts due to surges or spikes. The heads inside of the drive can fail to read data. Further, sometimes the hard drive will not even spin up at all. Or the hard drive will emit unusual sounds such as clicking, grinding, scraping etc.

We receive telephone calls and web searches daily looking for “hard drive repair”. However, hard drive repair is a temporary fix. It is a most critical element of the actual work involved in recovering data, and must be done properly. Under no circumstances would we, or any other quality data recovery service, advise attempting any type of D.I.Y. hard drive repair. This can render further hard drive recovery attempts futile. Over the years we have seen a vast amount of drives that had tampered with or opened to arriving. If left alone, in the ‘as failed’ state,chances for recovery are immeasurably higher.prior to arriving. If left alone, in the ‘as failed’ state,chances for recovery are immeasurably higher.

In other words, a clicking or noisy hard drive requires a clean-room environment and a data recovery lab that has the experience and capabilities of ‘repairing’ or rebuilding hard disk drives.



We cannot stress enough to never, under any circumstances, attempt open the sealed cover of your  hard drive.


20 Years Experience in Hard Drive Repair Data Recovery

With over 20 years experience in hard drive repair, we are qualified to offer hard drive data recovery services. While we do repair hard drives, it is with the single goal of a successful recovery of your data. We would never recommend reusing a hard drive that has been to a data recovery service for file recovery.



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The role of a hard drive is to store of all the data on your computer or laptop, but when the hard drive crashes, it is essential to know about the usage and steps required for a hard drive repair/recovery. First off, you must be aware of which devices use a hard drive, why the drive fails, and the requirements used for the repair.


Many different devices carry a flash memory or a hard drive. Computers, laptops, iPhones, network drives, and camcorders all use some traditional drive or flash memory. When it comes down to large businesses, they tend to use servers. Servers can have one or multiple drives like raid arrays. Some companies sometimes also just use the basic drives of laptops and desktop computers whether it is a PC or Mac.

Flash drives are different from regular hard drives even when it comes to price. For example, devices that use a flash drive include digital cameras and camcorders. The fundamental concept of operation is the same and flash technology is growing which is is why flash drives are seemingly more expensive. Fortunately, as the supply increases over time, prices will decrease.



It is important to be informed on why the drive fails in the first place. There are several ways a hard drive can fail whether it occurs electrically, physically or internally. An electrical surge is the largest enemy of hard drives. An electric surge can damage components or parts of a hard drive or it can corrupt its firmware that controls flash storage operation.

The same will occur to a standard hard drive that has a software chip responsible for running platters and reading/writing heads. Physical damage is a close runner up to electrical surges. It is responsible for portable and laptop drive failures and wear and tear. Because traditional drives use moving parts, the drive surface or heads become weak and start showing signs and symptoms of defect over time. When these issues occur it is time for a hard disk repair.

In the case of flash drives, wear and tear play the same role but in a different style. Flash drives have certain usage counts which mean the more the drive is re-written, the more decrease in its life occurs and one day will it can fail abruptly. Lastly, manufacturing defects can be a common issue with material quality and software playing a role in this kind of failure.


It is also important to know what is involved in hard drive surgery. Donor drives, surrounding environment and costs can determine the steps taken after a hard drive failure. Hard drive repair is necessary when a storage device fails and the procedures for the regular and flash media differentiate. Regular drives have moving heads and surfaces, and a donor drive is needed for repair. The donor drive must be very closely matched to the patient’s drive.

The requirements for donor drive is very strict. The donor drive must be the same as a patient drive which cannot be found in hard drive stores. The repair usually involves head replacement, motor replacement or moving platters to another drive. The head transplant requires extensive experience and perfection.


A slight mistake can destroy the data permanently. Another important aspect is the environment in which the procedure is taking place. There must be the availability of a clean room environment. Any unused space will destroy the thin layer between the head and surface and cause damage. Overall, knowing about hard drives and their repair process can both prevent and recover the data that could be lost in the future.

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